Thursday, March 27, 2014


I'm planning to go to Rwanda this summer with some folks from my church.  We'll be spending time with our friends there, worshiping together, sharing stories, doing some teaching, and praying together.  I'm looking for folks who would love to participate in this trip indirectly through praying for me and through helping to support this ministry.  Below is the letter I sent out a few weeks ago.  Let me know if you'd like to partner with me in this!

Dear Friends,                                                                                                                                                            
With excitement and joy in my heart, I am writing to tell you about an amazing opportunity coming up in my life.  In July of this year, I will be traveling with a team of friends and leaders from St. Patrick’s Church in Lexington, KY to Kibungo, Rwanda.  We will be focused on training local pastors, participating in prayer ministry, helping with various service needs in the community, and providing training for women and their social workers at a local women’s center.  My time in Rwanda will be focused on working with a women’s center and teaching about peer mentoring, discipleship, and practical skills for the women there.  We will also have opportunities to build relationships with pastors, families, and friends in the area.  

Among those we will be spending time with include local pastors who oversee 8-10 local congregations, women seeking lifeskills development and relational ministry, and families who have dealt with the national tragedy and impacts of the 1994 Genocide.  Through the pastors, women and other leaders we will be spending time with, we will have the opportunity to directly and indirectly impact over 60,000 people.

I am inviting you to prayerfully consider joining in this mission in two ways:
·        Prayer: I am looking for a team of prayers who will lift up this opportunity daily.
·        Finances: In order to participate in this experience, I will need to raise $3000.00 by the beginning of April.  This amount covers airfare, lodging, food, and in-country transportation.  

If you feel led to participate in this ministry in any way, please comment or send me an email.